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Poland Overview

Information about Poland : Poland lies in the heart of Europe, situated east of Germany and borders to 6 other countries. In the north it has a coastline of almost 500 km., along the Baltic Sea. Warsaw the capital of Poland is not far from other European cities. The biggest part of Poland is flat, only in the south there are hilly and mountainous areas (Tatra and the Giant Mountains).
Poland is a paradise for the tourist who doesn't just want to sit around but loves to be on the move. The best time to come is the spring and summer months, between May and August; or September and October, which are usually warm and dry. Poland is a country that is safe and friendly for visitors from abroad.

You can look forward to finding everything in Poland which would interest the visitors. From alpine mountains, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, world-class historic monuments, and friendly people its all there. The climate is temperate, and the people warm and hospitable. Poland’s nightlife, shopping, food all make Poland attractive destination. Polish cities have a thousand-year history which invite visitors to encounter with culture, and Poland's villages and small-time towns offer the opportunity to get away from the bustle of modern life. And all this comes with a backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes, because Poland's greatest attraction is nature.
About poland climate, it’s influenced by two weather systems : the moderate sea climate coming from the Atlantic Ocean and the drier land climate coming from Asia.

Information about poland accommodation. Well there are a half a million places to stay, thousands of restaurants, hundreds of forms of leisure and entertainment. It all would make your stay a pleasure.


Some interesting facts about poland / and facts forgot about poland:
  • The population of Poland is 39 million.
  • The six biggest cities in Poland are Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk
  • The highest point in Poland is Rysy in the Tatra Mountains (2,499m)
  • The coldest part of Poland is the North-East and the warmest is the South-west. 
  • The most popular name for a dog in Poland is Burek (meaning a brownish-grey colour)!
  • Poland is the ninth biggest country in Europe.
  • Poland's capitals have been Gniezno, Poznan, Krakow and Warsaw. Lublin has twice served as Poland's temporary capital, after both the First and Second World Wars.
  • Geographically, Poland is not in the Eastern Europe. It is in the very centre of Europe.
  • In Poland most Poles consider their name day (in Polish: "imieniny") more important than their birthdays. People with the same day celebrate on the same day each year.
  • The national symbol of Poland is the White tailed Eagle.
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