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Poland Map

Map of Poland makes Poland a very rich and diversified country as regards its landscapes. poland map is situated centrally on the European  map and it occupies its width from the Baltic Sea to the ranges of  the Sudety and the Tatra mountains. The northern regions on Poland map are somewhat hilly, and flat, fertile farmlands dominate the Central Lowlands. To the south the land rises to hilly uplands of Sudetic and Carpathian mountains. Tatra Mountains have the highest peaks. The country’s major rivers are Warta, Vistula, Oder.

Map poland occupies total area of 321,685 sq km, of which 304,465 sq km is land and 8,220 sq km water. It is slightly smaller then New Mexico. Map of Poland borders other countries like Russia, Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. Coastline of Poland is 491 km long and sandy on map Poland. The terrain is mostly flat plain, mountains along southern borders.

Poland has a population of 38,576,000 with the official name as Republic of Poland and Warsaw as the capital city. Map of Poland has been divided into 16 provinces. Polish is the official language.


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