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Poland food is diverse with distinctive cuisine. food in poland typically has ingredients dill, marjoram, caraway seeds, wild mushrooms and sour cream, which is frequently added to soups, sauces and braised meats.

Bigos is the national dish of Poland made of sauerkraut, fresh cabbage, and onions. poland food ranges from kielbasa, a sausage type, to cabbage rolls, hunters stew to stuffed eggs to soups and mushrooms in sour cream.

In poland food soups play an important part at mealtimes and are usually rich and very thick. Soups such as barszcz are often served in cups with small hot pasties stuffed with meat or cabbage. Poland is also a good country for fish (ryba) such as carp served in sweet-and-sour jellied sauce, and poached pike with horseradish in cream. Herring (sledz) is particularly popular and is served up in countless different ways.

Desserts in poland food like poppy seed cake, crullers, royal mazurek, a dish much like a cherry pie, saffron babas, and buckwheat and raisin pudding are available. poland food also has some seasonal dishes like Christmas Borcsch with Pierogil which is not only served at Christmas but at Easter too.

Drinks in food poland has its own role, Vodka is the national drink and is drunk chilled. Western drinks like whisky, gin or brandy are available but come with a high price tag. Coffee shops are very popular in Poland and are open from early morning to late nights. They are very similar to the pubs in UK. Throughout the day alcoholic drinks are easily available.


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