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Travel Guide - Hotline Numbers  

The international phone poland access code is +48. poland phone has cheap rates  between 4pm and 6am, and weekends. Mobile phones work throughout the country, local operators use GSM networks, which may not be compatible with some US cell phones. Internet cafes are available in most towns.

  • All numbers in Poland are 10 digits long and start from 0. Still many numbers are written in old way. In that case you need to add 0 and area code for the area that number is in.
  • Cell phones are sometimes referred by 9 digits. Prefix them with 0.
  • When calling from abroad, dial your country international access code (eg. +, 00 or 011), Polish country code 48 and the number _without_ the leading 0.

 Some emergency Phone Poland numbers are listed below:

997 : Police
998 : Fire brigade
999 : Ambulance
981 : Road Assistance
112 : Mobile phone emergency number

Important poland phone city codes:

85 : Bialystok
58 : Gdansk   
58 : Gdynia
12 : Krakow
81 : Lublin
89 : Olsztyn
48 : Radom
58 : Sopot
22 : Warsaw

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